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The Probem
Regardless of the nature of the threat (natural or intentional), facility managers and owners have a responsibility to limit or manage risks. Risk to your people, business delivery, assets and public confidence must all be considered carefully to determine the level of vulnerability and cost effective mitigation strategies. A proper Threat Risk Assessment (TRA) is time consuming and often outdated as soon as it’s printed and paper TRA reports don’t go far enough to include and communicate the risks to key stakeholders & employees.
The Solution
Our system takes all the frustration out of conducting TRAs in a timely fashion & communicating their results for single user up to and enterprise wide level by taking a team approach to conducting, communicating & monitoring risk. Simple workflow helps identify threats & vulnerabilities, quantify them, & then develop a plan based on recommendations and cost-benefit analysis. And the data is secure by harnessing the power and security of cloud computing so it's not sitting on several computers or thumb drives. The Real Time Risk Assessment (RTRA) solution uses powerful queries and algorithms for assessing risk & the costs to mitigate those risks coupled with proprietary professional type-setting software to generate sharp looking reports.
Features & Benefits
  • Features:
    • Secure Cloud Interface (PC, Mac, Tablet, etc.)
    • Enterprise-wide system to assess & monitor
    • Professionally typeset reports
    • Simple interface: minimal training, maximum retention
  • Benefits:
    • Proven platform, easy to customize
    • Works with any internet enabled platform
    • Easy to customize means you don’t loose your existing framework
    • Faster, more accurate, more consistent, easier to use, easy to keep up to date
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